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Ready to lose the weight?

inventoryHere’s your first step … take inventory …

Spend some time contemplating your past experience with weight loss. If you’ve yet to have success, why not? What fears, obstacles or limiting beliefs got in your way? The important thing to keep in mind during this exercise is that these experiences are in your past. You’re not rehashing them so that they get in your way again. You’re analyzing them with your logical mind to explore what went wrong and what you can do about it now.

Many experts talk about the “Why” of weight gain. They say there’s often an emotional reason why someone is gaining weight. Understanding this emotional reason and analyzing it with your logical mind can help you get control over it.

For example, many times people eat because they’re stressed. It’s a habit they’ve developed and the food helps calm them down. Once you realize you eat because you’re stressed, you can begin to think about why you’re stressed and other ways to manage that stress.

So, grab a journal or a voice recorder or just call a friend who is a good listener and dig deep. If there are things that have gotten in your way in the past, bring them to the surface so they don’t get in your way anymore.

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