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The Secret to Slowly Losing Weight

secretThere’s a secret to losing weight slowly, actually there are a few secrets. They include:


In order to adopt any new habit or modify an existing habit it takes a commitment. Experts say that it takes three to four weeks to make something a habit. You need to be willing to change and grow, to learn and improve. And you need to be willing to give a new habit at least four weeks.


Why do you want to get healthier and lose weight? The answer to this question is key to your motivation. Do you want to get healthier because you think you’re supposed to? That’s not very motivating.

Do you want to get healthier so you can chase your grandchildren and great grand children decades from now? Do you want to get healthier and lose weight so you have energy and vitality today, tomorrow, and thirty years from now?

Now there are tricks to finding motivation too. Exercising with friends is motivating. Doing things you love is motivating too. We’ll talk more about that in a bit. However, consider this. What fitness activity do you dislike intensely? Is it running or lifting weights? Imagine an activity that you dislike. How easy would it be for you to get out of bed every morning to go do that activity?

Now imagine an activity you love. Do you love to play basketball or dance? Imagine how you’d feel getting out of bed each day to go and do that activity. It feels different in your body, right? It’s much easier to find motivation to do something that you love.

Healthy Foods

There’s no avoiding the fact that food plays a very important role in your weight gain and your weight loss. And no, you’re not expected to give up your favorites. However, you will want to modify your eating habits.

Move Your Body

In addition to helping you lose weight, physical activity helps with so many other systems. For example, scientists know that physical activity releases “feel good” hormones into your body. It improves your outlook and your ability to handle stress.

Modify Your Mindset

One of the wonderful benefits about starting on the path to improve your health is that as you achieve success, your mindset changes also. The more successful you are, the more successful you’ll want to be.

You’re about to undergo an amazing transformation. It’s empowering and exciting. For now,  spend some time assessing what has been holding you back from getting healthy. Are you dealing with fears and limiting beliefs?

For example, do you believe that you’re too busy to get healthy? Consider creating a list or journal entry to write down what has been holding you back, if anything. How will you manage those fears and limiting beliefs now?

Learn to Set Good Goals

One of the biggest reasons that resolutions fail is that people go into them with grand ideas but no real goal or a plan to achieve it. For example, “This year I’m going to quit smoking.”

Great resolution, terrible goal. A better goal might be to say, “On the path to quitting smoking, I’m going to cut back to three cigarettes a day using nicotine gum.”

The same is true for diet and fitness goals. In the next few blog posts, I will talk about how to set realistic weight loss goals, and how to achieve them.

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