September – Healthy Aging Month

1Sep - by mariey - 0 - In Thoughts

Did you know that September is Healthy Aging Month? Well, I did not until a few days ago. Since I am trying my very best to increase my physical activities in order to gain a “New Rear for the New Year” – I thought I would kick-start a challenge. I have sadly accepted the fact that I am no longer young. I will embrace aging with grace. I plan on aging healthily – is that even a word? Well, if not … it will be for me. Right now, I have been working out twice a week – for at least an hour each time – that is when I teach my group exercise classes. I have taken a break from my barre classes and workouts since injuring my right shoulder. I am going to commit to adding more workouts on top of the classes I teach. Let’s see how that goes. I am in school full time – my mornings are busy but I will try my best. I plan on doing more circuit exercises cause those are easy to complete perhaps focusing on certain areas each time and incorporating some exercises I do for barre class. Will you help keep me motivated? Perhaps you can join me. If we are connected on facebook – join me in my accountability group (click here).

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