Accountability Group – anyone?

Hi all – I have been busy going to school to finish my course in Digital Medical Sonography (Ultrasound) and all this while, I have drastically reduced my workout time. I’ve been sitting on my butt for too long in class and my rear has GROWN. Sigh – it does not make me happy. I mean going back to school to finish this degree was enough challenge already being that I am NOT YOUNG anymore but just when I thought I was happier with my body a couple of years ago – here I am back in the same roller coaster of weight gain.

I have lost the weight already once before so I know it is doable and I have helped so many women do it so I know it’s not impossible. I just need to focus and if I had some help from people with similar goals – I know we can accomplish it all together. With this in mind, I have started an online group where like-minded people can come to be accountable in the fitness journey. Come and join me – let’s help each other stay fit – we may get a NEW REAR by the NEW YEAR!!!

***You can also click on the ACCOUNTABILITY GROUP on the menu of my blog and it should get you there. ***

Let’s start over

Hey. Welcome to my blog. It has been a couple years since I posted anything so I thought I’d “start over”. It doesn’t really matter how you happen to land on my blog – thanks for visiting. My name is Marie.  In this blog, I will be posting about things I like – perhaps rant a little bit but you can skip those if you don’t care for “bi**hing”. I won’t take it personally. I like most things fitness. I like inspiring others. I am pretty much down to earth. This is my space on the web – come visit often!